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LearningRx teaches clients to learn faster and perform better at any age. They wanted to improve their clients’ digital experience and reach more people. We’re helping them do it.


LearningRx provides in-person cognitive assessment and training at their franchise facilities to help people of all ages improve their cognitive function so they can learn faster and perform better.

In addition, LearningRx augments their in-person training with an extensive suite of online tests and exercises. They’re continuing to expand their online capabilities while remaining committed to the in-person experience.

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When we joined the project, LearningRx had a significant backlog of items they wanted to complete as well as new revenue-producing projects they wanted to begin. At the same time, we needed to integrate well with existing personnel and introduce new processes and tools. All of these things needed to happen quickly, so we faced not only the technical challenges of rapidly completing the work, but also the social and process challenges related to changing team composition and evolving the way work was planned and performed.

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What We Did

First, we worked with LearningRx to understand and document the business objectives their software development efforts would support for the coming year. With that information, we helped them form quarterly plans and break those down further into actionable development tasking. Then, we introduced Scrum to provide more consistent, predictable development progress. Once these artifacts were in place, we quickly worked down their backlog of prior commitments and moved to developing new functionality.


  • Provided guidance and leadership to optimize their development process
  • Initiated bigger-picture technology planning
  • Held quarterly planning sessions to coordinate business and technology objectives
  • Introduced Scrum and trained extant personnel
  • Provided a Certified Scrum Master to facilitate Scrum execution
  • Made development tooling changes to improve collaboration and velocity
  • Integrated seamlessly with extant development personnel
  • Worked aggressively to eliminate their existing development backlog
  • Moved to new feature development, including key revenue-generating functionality
  • Continue to develop new functionality and provide technical leadership today
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The Results

By focusing first on getting the right people working the right way on the right things, we were quickly able to help LearningRx’s software development efforts perform the way they needed.

We resolved their backlog of pre-existing work over the course of several months and turned to building critical revenue-increasing products they’d been wanting to start for years. Now that these products are being released, we’re helping LearningRx chart their future technical course, and we’ll be there every step of the way to help them build it.


We have had a tremendously positive experience working with OSI. Doug and his team are top-notch developers, thought leaders, strategists and implementers … OSI is proactive in making sure we are planning ahead, working together on a strategic plan for our projects, and also providing insights and wisdom from decades of technology experience. We’ve really come to see them not just as a vendor, but true strategic partners in moving our digital platforms forward.

Mark Finzel
Vice President of Marketing & Technology

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