What We Do

We build game-changing, high-impact software for large organizations and small, across numerous application domains, using myriad platforms and technologies.

How We’re Different


We’re “T-people”

We combine deep skill in specific technologies with a broad understanding of how they work together. Because knowledge isn’t enough. Insight leads to exceptional results.


We Choose Well

Our senior leadership started software consulting in the 80s. We leverage decades of experience to make the best decisions for you, even when the choices are difficult.


We Use the Right Tool for the Job

Our clients and their projects are all unique. Our exceptional technical range enables us to use the right tools for each job, in just the way they’re needed for remarkable outcomes.


We’re Versatile

We build front-ends, back-ends, mobile apps, and the glue that ties them together. Our ability to work across these boundaries enables us to rapidly develop new capabilities.


We Play Well With Others

Technical mastery is essential, but our soft skills — awareness, judgment, communication, and collaboration — are the difference between being merely skillful and truly effective.


We’re Relentless

Every day we have to earn tomorrow’s breakfast. We like it that way. Because that direct accountability makes us relentless about demanding the best from ourselves.

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