Relationships matter.

Full stack software development since 2002

What we do

Our Clients Trust Us With The Software That Drives Their Most Critical Business Systems.

Every line of code we write, every choice we make, impacts our clients’ success. We take that responsibility seriously. We embrace it. Because, in the end, we know that what we do matters.

And that fuels us to be our very best.

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Our Formula

Rooted in relationships. Relentless about results.

Exceptional outcomes happen when the right people, work the right way, on the right things.

That’s why we make these three elements the heart of every OSI project.

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Case Studies

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Introducing Scrum to a Raytheon DARPA Project

Raytheon BBN technologies is one of Raytheon’s premier research and development centers. We worked together on the U.S. Navy SNAP project, so when they wanted to introduce Scrum on a DARPA project they called us for help.

We trained the Raytheon BBN team on Scrum, provided initial coaching services and needed materials, then mentored them for several months, fine-tuning their use of the process.

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Helping unfold the future of U.S. Navy aviation

We worked with the U.S. Navy to bring state-of-the-art software development techniques and processes to one of their autonomous aircraft development programs. Along the way we not only introduced these techniques but also built key software components and applications that demonstrated their value.

Over the course of the project, we demonstrated the ability to build applications 40% faster using the techniques and processes we recommended versus traditional methods.

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Preserving our nation’s critical environmental data

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s CLASS project makes some of the agency’s largest data collections available to researchers, industry, and others across the globe.

We wrote key elements of CLASS’s geographic search software, served as lead software architects on the project, helped found the CLASS system engineering team, chaired that group for several years, wrote crucial white papers, and championed cutting-edge digital information preservation techniques now considered the international industry standard.

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Helping LearningRx Create Better Brains

LearningRx applies standardized testing and a variety of in-person and online training exercises to help people improve their cognitive skills. As their business evolved to include more digital exercises and testing, they wanted to improve their software processes and increase development velocity.

We were engaged in 2014 to help LearningRx achieve these objectives. We jumped in, integrated with the current team, and over the course of the first several months helped them deliver features that had been waiting for years. Over the following few years, we helped them improve their development and planning processes, and start thinking bigger-picture about how software should be developed to support their business.

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