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Software Development Excellence Since 2002

Who We Are

Welcome to OSI.

Rooted in relationships. Relentless about results.

We develop software for large organizations and small, in education, health care, environmental science, aerospace, and numerous other domains.

We build front-ends, back-ends, and the glue that ties them together. We develop very large distributed systems, tiny-footprint mobile apps, and nearly everything in between.

We’re “T people” – generalists with broad experience who also possess deep, highly-specialized technical and application domain expertise.

We use the right tool for the job. Because our engagements all have different needs and goals, this means we actively develop across an extensive array of software languages and toolsets.

We believe that technical mastery and superior soft skills are necessary to succeed in today’s demanding and highly collaborative software development environment.

We’re relentless about bringing both to every engagement.

Because it all boils down to one simple thing. We are passionately committed to our clients’ success.

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