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Right People

What makes a great teammate?

Doug Zirkle

Right People, Right Way, Right Things

High-performing teams are built on simple foundations. Please see the first post in Doug’s “Right People, Right Way, Right Things” series.

Doug Zirkle

How to Estimate Well (Part 3/5): Count, Compute, Judge

Michael Kitchin, our Chief Technologist, continues his series on how to estimate well. He now turns the corner from what mistakes people make in estimation to what we can do to get great outcomes.

Michael Kitchin

How to Estimate Well (Part 2/5): The Worst We Could Do

Michael Kitchin continues his series on estimation and how our personal judgement can’t trusted as much as we might have thought.

Michael Kitchin

How to Estimate Well (Part 1/5): A Tale of Two Estimates

Michael Kitchin, our Chief Technologist, digs in on how to set yourself up for success by estimating well.

Michael Kitchin

Framing Effects

Communication is crucial in today’s highly collaborative workplaces, and cognitive biases play a huge role in how we interpret what we hear. The way we present ideas and information–even if the facts are identical–can be the difference between success and failure.

Doug Zirkle

Core Values Are Earned Words

Core values often ring hollow because we intuitively know they must be earned, not claimed.

Doug Zirkle